2013 Week 2 Picks!

10 Sep

While I’ve made my reviews of the spreads, as always bet the guys in bold and here are my picks,:


Bills +3 over Carolina: The bills are at home and nearly beat the patriots last weak, this bills team is better than people think! The panthers have struggled early in the season the past few years and it looks like this year is no exception juding from what we saw in week 1. I like the Bills to win this game outright.


Gren Bay -7 over Washington: The Packers lost week 1 in a shootout they aren’t going to start the year 0-2 and they will pour the points on this struggling redskins defense. RG3 looked relatively ineffective in week 1, I don’t see how the redskins will be able to keep up. Green Bay wins this one in a big way. Blowout.

New Orleands -3 over Tampa Bay: New Orleans coming off a big win vs the falcons, Tampa bay has no momentum they just threw away a week 1 victory, and I got news for the bucs defense. This isn’t Geno smith and the jets, this is Drew brees and Sean Peyton, look out. This one could be another blowout. Don’t see freeman keeping up with brees.

Denver -5 over NYG: I think the Broncos and 9ers are by far the 2 best teams in the NFL. Manning is going to come out vs his younger brother and show them that week 1 was no fluke. The Giants running game is a total mess. I think Denver covers the spread here,


Lock of the week:

San Fran +3 over Seattle: As I just got done saying I believer the niners and Broncos are by far the best 2 teams in the league, and your going to GIVE them points?? I know Seattle is a “different team” at home but come on. I think everyone who watched all the games last week will tell you the niners are the real deal. Seattle barely managed to score 12 points against the panthers last week. This is the 49ers, who just beat a real team (the packers) by 6. This is a LOCK.


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