Week 3 Picks!

21 Sep

As always bet the teams in bold! Good luck to you and to me!

Green Bay -3 over Cincinnati: Green bay just has too much offensive firepower, Rodgers hit his stride last week, rest of the league better be on notice. Green bay wins this by a touchdown.

Atlanta +3  over Miami : Dolphins are as overrated right now as they will be all year. They have beat the browns and the colts to be 2-0. I’m not impressed. Atlanta has proven to be a good team over the course of years not 2 games. Atlanta wins this game outright. Dolphins finish seasons at 8-8 or worse. But if they win this one maybe look out for them.

Buffalo +2.5 over NYJ : Jets got offense got picked apart by a bad patriots defense. The Bills defense has surprised me this year. I think another big game for mario williams is in store and I think EJ Manuel could have the best game of his young career here. I Like the bills to win this outright. I think Geno smith is a very bad QB and thats that.

Chicago -2 over Steelers: The steelers are bad like real bad. Chicago’s offense has been revitalized by that new offense line, cutler looks decent, Bennett has been huge for them, everything is lined up for this pick to blow up in my face, but I still think Chi wins by a TD.


Lock of the week:

NYG -1 over Carolina : Carolina is a bad football team. The giants start slow every year but not 0-3 slow. They’ll get the win here. Carolina secondary is decimated and the giants will throw throw throw to that top tier receiving core. I don’t think this one is particularly close, G-men win it.


Teasers:  Ok lets give the whole teaser thing another shot I guess you don’t need to hit on as many of these because your always getting good odds. But my start to them last week was certainly unpleasent haha. Here we go.

2 teamer:

NYG +5 and Atlanta +9 

3 Teamer:

Add Buffalo +8.5

4 teamer:

Add Detroit +6


A few other interesting tease options: New England -1, Rams + 9.5, oh new orleans -1.5 I like a lot actually, Minn -.5. just a few other options for your consideration.


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