Week 5 Picks! (announcement)

30 Sep

Hey there sports fans! Took last week off partially because of the brutal week 4 I had and partially due to there not being really any spreads I liked. I looked hard and had maybe one or 2 that I was going to pick but just figured if thats all I got why even bother. Also I plan on changing the format for how I am going to do teasers. I am going to give a pool of teams and then recommend dividing up whatever you would bet on the 2 or 3 team teaser by all the possible combos you could bet from the pool. It will require a little math on my part but I look forward to it should be fun. ANd then we’ll see what you’re roi would have been if you would have bet all the combos.

I’ll do it a little example right now, let say there are four teams I like for the tease this week. Cinci, NYG, NYJ, and Dallas and we’ll do a 3 team tease for this example. And you want to bet lets say $1000 on a 3 team tease. Then we figure out all the combos of 3 teams.

1. Cinci, jets, giants
2. Cinci Jets Dallas
3. Cinci Dallas giants
4.Dallas Jets Giants

I think thats it. So you instead of betting the thousand on the one you would bet 250 on each of the four. The reason I am switching to this format is because I have been losing on all the teasers I have been posting because of my 2 team tease teams is always not covering so all of my teases from there on end up losing even though it seems like 75+% of the tease teams I like end up coming through. So this will help smooth out the variance. Anyway! On to the picks! I like the underdogs this week!

Buffalo +4.5 over cleveland: Bills just beat the SB champ ravens. I like them vs the lowly browns on thursday.

NE +1.5 over cinci: Pats are rounding into form!

New Orleans +1 over Chicago: New orleans Def has impressed me this year, I think they beat the fins tonight and keep rolling vs bears.

Arizona +2 over Carolina: They have a very good defense and the panthers offense has struggled mightily outside of the NYG I like arizona to win this one.

Teaser teams: Arizona +8, Buff +10.5, Balt +9, NE +7.5, New Orleans +7, Denver -1.


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