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Week 5 Results + Week 6 Picks

12 Oct

Wen’t 2-2 in week 5 I realized I never tallied up week 4s results (1-4) (I guess I was trying to forget) . Tough losses last week. How do the pats not score a little bit more than that, and I still say the Bills win that game if Manuel stays healthy. But the browns starter got hurt too, so tough to complain. Anyone so for the past 2 weeks I was 3-6 (ouch) Bringing me to an overall 17-13. Teaser would have left you totally even if you bet every combo. Someone double check that for me, actually no wait as I’m typing that I realize now my math was wrong. You would have won on 11 out of 22 combos.  But since that was for 3 team teaser were getting paid more than 1 to 1! How bout that! That’s profit baby! 3 team teaser for +6 points pays +165 on my site. so thats 65 percent of whatever you bet per tease times 11 just doing some quick rough math. Ok! On to the picks!


Packers -2.5  over baltimore: I actually dont think the packers are anywhere near there superbowl level. But I don’t think the ravens are any good either. Rodgers needs another big day.

NYJ PK  over Steelers : Crazy to me that the jets arent favored here, at home, and they have a very very good defense.

New Orleans +1 over NE : boggles my mind that NE is favored, NE has been shaky at best much worse than there record. New Orleans has been the 2nd best team in the league this far. I bet a lot on this when it open at either 2 or 2.5 and bought it up to saints +3. ALso teased it a few times and have a few NO +9.5 teases goin. Would be lock of the week if I still did that nonsense.

Colts PK over San Diego: this is another boggler, colts have looked great all year chargers have seemed average at best, rivers has played well, name 5 good players on the team. You can’t do it. Colts win this easy imo.



Saints +7

Raiders + 16 : chiefs games always close, I like this raiders team anyway

Bengals -1

Colts +6