2013 Week One: my picks!

2 Sep

Wow I had forgotten all about this site. I finished week 4 of 2011 with a 3-1 record (Including a correct pick in my lock of the week) bringing my overall record to 8-4 and 1-1 in locks of the week. Anyway here’s my week 1 2013 picks. Bet the guys in the bold.

New Orleans -3 over Atlanta: Playing at home Drew Brees and Sean Payton are finally reunited I think its big things for the saints offense both in this game and all year.

Seattle -3 over Carolina: Seattle proved last year that they are a good football team. Carolina has done nothing but show us the opposite these past couple years, the only bright spot they have is Cam. Seattle should win this by at least a touchdown.

Kansas City -3.5 over Jacksonville: Similar to the pick above the Jaguars are just a bad team with one small bright spot of Maurice Jones-Drew and I think Kansas city is going to be much improved this year. A fully healthy Defense, jamaal charles ready to go. The finally have a competent QB in alex smith and an offensive minded head coach in Andy Reid. Look for the chiefs to be much improved this year. That defense of theirs has some great players and when all healthy can really shut a team down especially the jags.

Houston -3.5 over San Diego: Really don’t understand this line, Houston was one of the best teams in the league last year and the chargers have been a BAD football team the past few years now. Houston has a great defense and the chargers have had noted turnover issues for a couple seasons now. I think Houston wins big in San Diego.

Lock of the week:

Arizona +5 over St.Louis: I don’t buy that the rams are any good there running game will be a mess and bradford and austin have yet to show me anything. I also don’t buy the cardinals being bad, they had really good defense and special teams last year and there qb situation was abyssmal. They have been upgraded to carson palmer who will finally be able to deilver larry fitz the ball reasonably well. I think the card win this game outright.


Week 4 NFL Picks!

2 Oct

Greetings sports fans!  A solid start to my NFL betting blog last week as I started 5-2 in regular picks but missed on my lock of the week (DOH!) to put my overall record at 5-3. Lets get right into this weeks action!

As always all spreads will come from http://www.footballlocks.com/nfl_point_spreads.shtml. Bold team is the team to bet on.


Buffalo -3 over Cincinnati: The Bills are proving they are the real deal at every opportunity this year, and I don’t see them falling into this “trap game”. This is a Bengals team that the Bills crushed last year after being dominated in the first half (Sound familiar anyone?) and that Bengals team actually had some real players on the offense. Cedric Benson will not outshine Fast Freddy. Bills win in a blowout.

Detroit +2.5 over Dallas :  I was planning on picking Dallas for this game because I figured they would be the team getting the points. I think this is going to be a tight game, potentially high scoring. Romo could be knocked out early another good reason to bet on Detroit. I think Detroit has the advantage with a much better defense than dallas in the end. Detroit wins in a close one.

Houston -3.5 over Pittsburgh : Houston to me has been very impressive this year. There defense may have been torched last week, but the Steelers ain’t the Saints. That O-line is terrible, and the Texans are the real deal. Another case where big ben could be knocked out of this one early. I think the Texans take this one by at least a touchdown at home.


Now it’s time for the lock of the week! (sorry about the short column this week)

New York Giants-1 over Arizona : I hate the Giants, but I hate the Cardinals even more. This team just beat the Eagles and they are only favored by 1 against a much worse avian team? Hows that work? Giants D is gradually getting more healthy,and although I don’t think you can ever count on Eli he seems to throw for 2 or 3 touchdowns every week and the Cardinals secondary is on the worst in the league. Especially there corners. I think the Cards get torched in this one.



Week 3 NFL Picks!

25 Sep

For all point spreads I will refer to   http://www.footballlocks.com/nfl_point_spreads.shtml .

*Bold teams are my picks.

Philadelphia -8.5 over New York Giants: Vick is cleared to play and ready to go, and the Giants are well, the Giants. Eli’s a turnover machine, they’re banged up bad at wide receiver, they’re banged up even worse all over the defense. I believe this will be the first true glimpse of that “dreamteam” everyone was afraid of coming out of Philly. The Eagles win in a blowout.

New Orleans -4 over Houston: Houston is the real deal this year although their offense lacks consistency at times. It appears Foster is a no go and I believe both Tate and ward are injured but playing. However the Saints are the Real Real Deal, despite their 1-1 record they put up an impressive showing against the world champion Green Bay Packers. And dominated an impressive week 1 Bears team all the way around. This offense is electric and Houston will not be able to keep up. New Orleans wins it by a touchdown.

Cincinatti -2.5 over San Francisco :  The bengals have been better than advertised in all facets of the game.  San francisco will struggle to score on this bengals defense if you can imagine that. Gore is off to yet another slow start. Bengals win it by a field goal.

Kansas City+14.5 over San Diego: The chiefs will start to look like a real football team this week. They always come to play against the Chargers and Sunday will be no different. Look for Dexter McCluster to have some big plays in this one as he will be getting plenty of touches. The Chiefs will keep this one within 2 touchdowns.

Denver+7 over Tennessee  : The Broncos are a better than people give them credit for. Orton knows how to manage the game and I don’t believe the Titans are as good as there week 2 drubbing of the Ravens. Hasselback will come back down to earth, I actually like Denver to win this game so I for sure think they take it with the +7.

Carolina -3.5 over Jacksonville: Cam Newton has shown flashes of brilliance throughout both the pre and regular season. The chemistry with Steve Smith is undeniable and rookie QB Blaine Gabbert has shown us nothing in the time hes had taking the reps. The Jags have nothing but Maurice Jones Drew and once the score gets out of hand not even he will be able to help them. Carolina wins it in a blowout.

Miami +2.5 over Cleveland: This is a road game for Miami and we all know how good they can be on the road. But really these Browns are being overrated, after losing to the Bengals week 1, they struggled to handle the Manningless Colts. Not to mention Hillis has strep throat but they say he will play.(Update: Hillis is out!) Miami has too many weapons on offense between Marshall/Bess/Bush/Thomas. Look for Miami to pick up there first win, I say they get it by a touchdown.

AND NOW It’s time for the lock of the week:

Atlanta +1.5 over Tampa Bay: Really?? You’re giving the Falcons points? The team that just beat the Eagles? Turner is averaging like 6 yards a carry? Tampa Bay has looked totally unimpressive this season especially in the first halves of games. Look for Atlanta to establish the run early and never look back. The Falcons will soar to 2-1 with a win by 10+.

Im out of time as I started todays picks a little late and didn’t have time to analyse the rest of the games. I will update for the monday night game however. Stay tuned.

Good luck out there today sports fans!